Global Executive Speaker Coach & TEDx Coach / MC, Storytelling for Sales, Virtual Presenter

Peter Hopwood

British born Peter travels the globe (physically & virtually) supporting executives, leaders, founders and teams to craft and deliver engaging stories, increase their leadership presence and persuasive connection – with impact.

He helps leaders to adopt a set of speaking behaviours and insights to create stronger chemistry and connection, using storytelling techniques to get closer to better outcomes.

Chair of the Communication Committee of the The World Innovation and Change Management Institute (WICMI), Peter has worked in 41 countries (physically) and lived in 7 – now based in Split. Croatia.


Ελλάδα: Βασίλης Κουτσαβλής, T: +30 210 6617777 (εσωτ. 129), Ε: [email protected]
Κύπρος: Έλενα Χατζηνικολάου, Τ: +357 99 014050, E: [email protected]

Ελλάδα: Άννα Γυπαράκη, Τ: +30 210 6617777 (εσωτ. 152), Ε: [email protected]
Κύπρος: Γιώργος Λοϊζου, Τ: +357 99 103323, E: [email protected]

Χρύσα Δέμη, T: +30 210 6617777 (εσωτ. 171), Ε: [email protected]


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